Win over prospects
in two minutes,
without Saying A word

  • Let Your Happy Clients Do All The Talking!

Are You A Business Coach
Or A Life Coach?

You have potential clients ready to sign up but they need a nudge.

Video testimonials are powerful!
Every single sales or landing page that you land on will show some sort of “PROOF” that the product or service is the right choice for them.
Video testimonials are more believable and compelling than a written testimonial.
People relate to videos when they can identify with the subject in a video. They want to hear that they were uncertain and they needed convincing but once they started, they had a fantastic outcome and are now wanting to help spread the word.

When they mention things like increased sales, better business or happier with life – This is what people want to believe before they will sign up to your coaching.

Your happy and successful clients are the PERFECT Advocate for your coaching – So put them on display.

You will not have to say a single word except – “Please check out my client success stories”

Would you like clients who:

  • Have the right idea about what you do as a coach?
  • Never complain your prices are too high?
  • Don’t waste your time if you’re not a good match?
  • Sign up with you sooner rather than later?
  • Have the desire and means to bring you good referrals?
  • Who will make the best impact on others lives?

Ok You Are Now Saying To Yourself…
I Know Videos are Vital, But How The Hell Am I Going To Get Them?

You are going to do what you tell your clients to do – Outsource it!
You can spend valuable time trying to master a skill and if you are a coach on a shoe string budget – (We do have a solution for you. – Click here)
If you are a coach who is ready to take action and start scaling – keep reading and watching!

Building proof is vital for all businesses to have.

People want to make sure that they are not tricked or duped into buying a product or signing up for a service that does not meet their expectations.
A business can do this with reviews or written testimonials. These do provide some substance – but are they always real?
This is why videos not only convert, they are more trusted.
They are harder to create and people can see when something seems a little “off”
People are looking for people they can relate to and who do NOT come across as rehearsed or too polished.


Choose Your Clients

Who the hell do I ask??
This is where we step in – We will help you work out who your ideal clients are to ask for a video review.
We can also help you re frame the request so if they say NO to being filmed, they may agree to doing an spoken review


Don’t Give Up On Them

So you potential testimonial clients have agreed to help you out but now comes the tricky part. Getting them to commit to a time to do what they agreed to!
With Tommi taking charge of the entire process you do not have to stress about upsetting your clients.


Editing & Reviewing

With years of experience, we know what sort of video testimonials convert and we will gently lead your clients through a series of questions that they can answer in their own words.
We do not want your clients to come across as polished actors, we want them to be real and let the emotion and story telling to come through.
We do all of our filming via a Zoom call.
Your clients are comfortable in their own surroundings and not overwhelmed with a camera or microphone stuck in their face.


Scripting And Shooting

We seamlessly splice together the video content to create a heartfelt accounts of how your clients have worked with you, and what their experiences have been. We incorporate any applicable photos or sound bites.
We can create a montage of different reviews in one video or we can create individual reviews.
See our pricing page to see the different ways we can create social media content with review snippets. We want you to have credibility splashed over all of your platforms including Your website, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTock, Instagram and Facebook

How To Use Your Video Testimonials

Success Story

Success Story

Success Story

TESTIMONIALS From our Coaching Clients


Sometimes yes, but they are more of a lead conversion tool; best used for turning leads into paying clients.  If you’re doing any other marketing right now, don’t stop when you get the final videos.  In fact I’d maybe even increase it; as the videos will multiply the return on that.  for example if you’re doing PPC, use the videos with that, and you’ll get more people getting in touch, more people signing up, and a reduced cost per click from Google.

Lead generation is getting people to show a mild to strong interest in your work.  Lead conversion is getting people who have shown an interest, to sign up with you.  

Yes, but keep in mind that if you want to work with bigger companies, you should be looking to get testimonial videos made with clients who are not one man bands.  They don’t have to be at the same precise level, but they shouldn’t be more than a few rungs down.  The closer they are, the more confidence your ideal clients will have.

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