Are you holding a workshop soon?


For £1000 we can bring more people to the next one

A workshop is often a key part of the coaches funnel, the first place people learn about what you do, and how you can help.

Even before Covid, getting people to attend a workshop could be a challenge. Now there’s so many training events, webinars and workshops that your prospects might feel burned out and overhwelmed just thinking about them, and that’s just when it comes to the good ones. Some are simply awful, either stuffed full of cheap mindset quotes badly xeroxed from the coach next door, whilst others are nothing but an hour long sales pitch to a vastly inflated online course, one where the coach is nowhere to be seen. So there’s alot for people to get past.

With that in mind, maybe something like this might be of help:

A post workshop feedback montage

Made from anything and everything a client could send over.

They preferred to have attendees send their video feedback via whatsapp, and though doing it myself ensures the best quality, my client was helping people with matters of a deep and private nature, and felt that this was the easiest way.

She is clearly awesome at what she does by the way, so feel free to check her out via her website.

Sometimes the clients didn’t want to appear on video at all, and so I had them send voice messages, to which I added subtitles eye catching audiowave footage.

They asked me if I could somehow show visuals of the call somewhere on the video screen from start to finish.

They even asked me if I could somehow get it over whilst I was flying from Vienna to Sofia. On all counts I found a way.

Testimonial videos for training or webinar events can be a little less straightforward, often because we have to do a little chasing of people after the event.

But they can make your event go in people’s eyes from a likely waste of people’s time, to the most crucial thing they can do with it.