So what’s involved?



We have a chat to work out who are the best people to give you those video reviews. Who you might think would be great might not be, and vice versa.


I do a online reputation audit and suggest ways that this can be improved. You will convert even more prospects into clients.


Choose the best clients to interview. We need their agreement to be filmed. I will share with you a script that gives the best chance of your clients saying “Yes”.


Connect the willing clients with me to arrange the filming time and book in into their calendars

If clients have said no to filming, ask them if they’ll do it by audio, and I can also help with this step


Clients that have booked in will be sent a guideline of what is required.
I will help them with checking their internet speed and camera quality
If their sound & video could be better, we can send them one of these items ( so that they can use their phones instead, which tend to give better quality. Given how little it costs, I often suggest doing this either way as it means not only great footage, but that clients will value and talk about you more because of it.


We’ll have a pre-filming chat so I can hear about the journey each client had with you, and use this to format the questions I will ask them during the interview.
With your feedback I will also suggest them what to wear during the interview so it looks suitable for them to feel confident and to help with your businesses image.


I film the interview with your client over zoom, making them aware that they are not expected to sell you, or try make you happy. They are to only to share their honest feedback. This takes the pressure off them. Once the interview is done, I thank the client for their help, and update you on the outcome.


The video recording is whittled down into a 2 minute video that will convert leads; I will send this over to you for approval before any other work is done. Your first list of changes is changes to the edit is free.


At this point you are welcome to send over additional photographs/video footage of your client’s business (to further show people what types of business you work with).


Once the video is approved, I will ask for any logos, font files, and guidelines used for your branding, which are then pass to our branding artist so they can create a unique call to action slide, which in turn will persuade more people to call you.  You will also get to choose from a list of animations that we will apply to your logo.


Subtitles will then be added, which have been proven to make more people watch the video from start to end.


This branded and subtitled version of the video will be sent back to you for approval, along with any versions made specially for FB, Instagram or IGTV if you have ordered them.


Once approved the video file(s) will be sent over to you via download link.


We’ll then chat again so I can go over all the ways you can use these videos to get more clients. You’ll be a sent a PDF guide so you can refer to this advice as many times as you need.


If it is of value, I will add you to a Whatsapp group of other clients where you will get reminders on what you need to be doing, support from others who have also been using these videos, and feel pushed to do more by seeing their good results.


Finally, I will follow up with you after 6 and 12 months, to make sure you are taking action, getting the best results, and offer further advice where it is needed.


If there any questions you might have, feel free to drop me a message, and I will give you an answer without the hard sell.