What’s one long term client worth to you?

Convert leads fast!

Handpick from the best prospects

Our flagship package includes:

For this I’ll gather the most golden, sales winning statements from 3 of your clients and turn them into videos that will leave prospects in no doubt that they need you to solve their problems, ASAP.
(Branding, subtitles, and transcripts will be provided for the above videos).

  • 3 x client review videos (around 2min each)
  • 1 video showing all 3 clients’ best feedback (2min).
  • 1 x animated logo intro.
  • 1 x high converting CTA slide by a graphic designer used in the videos.?

Each client interview in full with question graphics (around 30-45min).
3 sets of “5 social media clips” showing client answers to questions.
A formatted transcript of each interview for use in your prospect brochures.
Guidance session (zoom) on which clients to ask and how to ask them.
PDF user guide on where and how to use your videos after.
Support session (zoom) on the user book’s content.
Check in sessions after 3, 6 and 12 months to make sure you are getting max ROI.

Investment – 2 Options

  • £3,200 upfront
  • £1200pm for 3 months (automated payments).
  • £3,200 upfront
  • £1200pm for 3 months (automated payments).
So what’s 1 long term client worth to you?
Let’s get those prospects off the fence and in to your program. 

Do You Need Videos Of You?

Video converts and having videos of you will boost your sales!

Creating video content should be easy….BUT IT IS NOT!
I bet you already have a dozen excuses why you are not creating videos!
How many of these excuses are you using right now?

Don’t have the equipment needed
Don’t know what to talk about
Hate being on camera and it feels fake
Haven’t the time to make videos each week

It is confronting knowing where to start and this is what stops almost everyone from getting started, SO we are going to do all of this for you and it will be painless and you will actually enjoy the process after a few minutes of starting as we will tease out your expertise with simple questions.
You will come across as an expert but also relaxed and approachable.

  • Branding added
  • Subtitles added to increase views
  • Video transcription to create blog articles or social posts
  • A guide on how to use this valuable content?

Investment – 2 Options

We can get between 20-40 great videos out of you in 90min.
You’ll have enough video content to use and reuse online for the whole year.

  • £1,000 upfront
  • £500pm for 2 months (automated payments).
  • £1,000 upfront
  • £500pm for 2 months (automated payments).
So what’s 1 long term client worth to you?
Let’s get those prospects off the fence and in to your program. 

Make a great first impression with a Business Card Style Video

Do you want prospects to feel…

  • Keen on fixing a meeting
  • More willing to take your advice
  • Less confused about what you do
  • More like they know you (and can trust you)
  • See the passion you have for your work?
  • How much you care about helping others?

Sounds great, but maybe you are…

Scared of looking unprofessional or fake
Scared of learning lines and speaking on camera?

No problem – By having you going over some basic bullet points in your own words, and answer some simple questions over a filmed zoom call.  We’ll have enough footage to leave people eager to make you, rather than thinking twice about it.
And of course any bloopers will never see the light of day!

  • Subtitles
  • Transcript.
  • Call to action slide
  • Your brand on the video.
  • Logo animation.


This style of video will quickly have your appointment calendar booked solid
with people who already have an insight of who you are and what you do. It is the perfect ice breaker on rinse and repeat!

  • £500 upfront

So what’s 1 long term client worth to you?